Songs of the Bobover Hasidim (includes companion CD)

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Music Book + CD.

Bobov, a tiny village in West Galicia, was the home of a remarkable Hasidic Dynasties of Rebbes, known not only for their personal magnetism but also for their great tradition of music. One could tell a Bobover Hasid by his immaculate dress, high covered velvet hat, carefully curled earlocks, and most uniquely, by his knowing a song for every occasion.

Songs of the Bobover Hasidim features the popular and classic melodiesw of the Bobov repertoire. Melody line, chords, texts and transliterations. A companion CD featuring 17 selections is included.

Content List

Adir Oyom Dveykus Rikud
Ato Echod El Echod Sholosh S’udos Nigun
B’ni El Odon V’apek
B’vokacho Kol Rino Wedding Processional
Badekn Mikdash Melech Yom L’yabosho
Brider, Brider Omar Hashem L’yaakov