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Compiled and Edited by Velvel Pasternak

30 Classic songs of the Yiddish Theater beloved for generations, by: Joseph Rumshinsky, Sholom Secunda. Abraham Ellstein, Alexander Olshanetsky, Molly Picon, Jacob Jacobs and others.

Content List

A Brivele Der Mamen Abi Gezunt An Emese Eshes Chayil
Bai Mir Biustu Sheyn Belz Der Dishwasher
Donna Donna Dos Pintele Yid Dos Yiddish Lied
Eli Eli Glick Bist Gekumen Tsu Shpeyt Hopkele
Ich Hob Dich Tsu Fil Lieb Ich Zing Mazel
Mein Yidishe Meydele Mommele Oy Mame Bin Ich Farliebt
Oy S’iz Gut Papirosn Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
Rumania Rumania Shabbos Yom Tov Un Rosh Chodesh Sheyn Vi Di Levone
Vos Du Vilst Vos Geven Iz Geven Vu Ahin Zol Ich Geyn
Yidl Mitn Fidl Yossel Yossel Zise Kinder Yoren


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